About Teleiatros

Via our Teleiatros web portal, we provide remote real-time clinical decision support. With your Teleiatros access, you can use our clinical decision support software from anywhere in the world as web version via your browser.

At the moment, Teleiatros access is available for our knowledge-based hepatitis serology test interpretation software HEPAXPERT. HEPAXPERT is also available as mobile app or can be integrated into electronic medical record systems (EMRs), laboratory information systems (LISs), or medical practice software systems. With our Software as a Service (SaaS) option, get your HEPAXPERT interpretations on demand from our server.

Our RHEUMEXPERT software will be available soon as mobile app and here on the Teleiatros web portal. RHEUMEXPERT supports general practicioners and patients themselves in establishing differential diagnoses for rheumatic diseases based on a patient's joint conditions, medical history, as well as laboratory and radiological findings.

Please contact us at support@medexter.com with any questions or requests.

About Medexter Healthcare

Medexter Healthcare provides highly innovative clinical decision support solutions for the entire healthcare sector. Our goal is to promote quality assurance and patient safety by giving clinicians and medical specialists the support technology can provide and thus leave them with more time and energy for tasks where their expertise and experience is indispensable—especially in personal patient care. Besides knowledge-based automated test result interpretation, we also specialize in knowledge processing engines (applicable in every medical discipline), providing structured medical content for your hospital’s specific clinical tasks, solutions for automated monitoring and reporting of healthcare-associated infections, monitoring of microorganisms and antimicrobial resistance patterns, and more.

Go to our website www.medexter.com.